3D printing silicone cosmesis

3D Print a mold

This is a silicone cover high definition prosthetic leg made with 3D technology. From scanning with 3D scanners to the realization of the mold with 3D printer (this is a FFD Wasp printer) and application and hand finishing silicone. The new method has many advantages compared to the past. It will shorten the time for both the patient at the time of the fingerprints, both for the technician in the different stages of processing. Through the management software of the 3D scans of the foot it can be realized in the form of the missing limb starting from the other, so as to maintain the accuracy of shapes and details. With the 3D modeling then, in the 3D preprint stage, they build the various molds necessary for the realization of the prosthesis and / or the silicone cover to achieve. Is eliminated, therefore, the reconstruction phase in wax free hand and that of casting resins and / or plaster for molding the molds. Considerable savings in time, material processing, laboratory equipment and labor to high specialization in certain phases of work.

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